Anne Koark

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Anne KoarkAnne Koark is British has been living in Germany for nearly 21 years. In 1999 she founded her own business called “Trust in Business”, which assisted international companies coming onto the German market with services such as relocation, accounting, salary processing, making economic contacts, PR, marketing, event management, intercultural training and business centre services. With this company she won a prize for Entrepreneurs which was awarded for the German speaking area by the Internet magazine Anne Koark was requested to submit an article for a book by the US-Economic Professor R.D. Norton „Creativity and Leadership in the 21st Century Firm“ , in which she described the start-up of Trust in Business. Her company Trust in Business was known by international and German media. Amongst large and well-known international corporations “Trust in Business” supported accompanying delegations of the Canadian Premier when he came to Munich and Berlin in February 2002.

Anne Koark had to register for insolvency in April 2003. As she had a private company, she hereby not only lost her company, but her pension payments, her own apartment, her car, mobile telephone, savings accounts etc. Anne Koark wrote a book about her experiences with insolvency and also founded a non-profit organization called B.I.G: = Bleib im Geschäft e.V. (BIG = Stay in Business ) which has the slogan “Think BIG” to support entrepreneurs experiencing difficulties with their companies

Anne Koark author of the book „Insolvent und Trotzdem Erfolgreich“ (Insolvent and nevertheless successful) (ISBN: 3981095405, The book was a total of 7 months on the business bestseller list in Germany. Anne Koark is well-known from TV and newspapers and magazines. She fights for a culture of failure, where a learning effect can cut in without stigmatization and has been fighting for the support of a second chance in Germany now for nearly four years. She is of the opinion that successful entrepreneurs and managers learn from the mistakes made by others. She is also of the opinion that the way we deal with failure and our own personal value as a human being (apart from money) are topics which we should be teaching at school and at institutions for further education.

Anne Koark holds speeches about insolvency and business downturns, in order to encourage others to move forward and in order to break a taboo, which weakens every economy when people do not get back on their feet easily after failure. Despite a topic where you would expect sadness, she is also well-known for her British humour.

In 2004 Anne Koark was awarded in Germany with the Lady Business Award 2004 for her efforts in this area. At the end of October 2005 she was awarded with the Federal Special Prize at the Great Prize for Entrepreneurs 2005 (Grosser Preis des Mittelstand). This award was for the destigmatization of insolvency and for the support of the second chance. On March 28, 2006 Anne Koark was invited - next to speakers from the OECD; World Bank and diverse justice ministries - to speak at the conference on “Insolvency and New Start” which was held by the EU-Commission in Brussels. On May 9th 2006 and in September 2006 she held events as a speaker with the Federal Minister for Justice, Ms. Brigitte Zypries, where the minister also spoke up for destigmatization.

Among those affected by insolvency Anne Koark is known as “Lady Insolvency”.

She also holds speeches for Economic Institutions, Universities, Governmental Organisations, Attorneys, Marketing Organizations, Women’s Networks, Business Angels, Start-up organisations and Politicians. In addition she has also held speeches in Psychiatric Clinics to assist those who have had nervous breakdowns due to this situation.

In addition she trains managers in changing perspectives, with company simulations etc. Other topics of her speeches in addition to insolvency and dealing with failure are: Business and Ethics, International Business Networking, Women in Business etc.

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